Over here in Eire

Its been a very sad visit this time around to the Emerald Isle .. My wife’s Father passed away .. Wonderfully proud/lump in throat moments including an amazing guard of honour through his village ..

Very emotional indeed..

So no cooking ..


A quick round up..

A pretty neat fish and chips.. ( and that was my supper!).. A great cork spiced beef salad .. A local speciality .. In the hotel .. Good hotel food to be honest..

An In-room supper of bought in sandwiches and wine..

A visit with my niece Ruby Starr to the English market in cork city to pick up some great charcuterie . Lovely cured lamb, gubeen salami, 12month Serrano ham, French herbed cured jambon.. As well as a good look at the amazing produce.. Check the monster fish out!

The charcuterie eaten on the beach in Kinsale with tayto crisps of course..

Duck spring rolls, Poshed up .. A goats cheese salad (Mrs Fitz if course!).. And edame beans.. Bar snack before retiring to the suite..

So there you go .. A quick round up..







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33 replies

  1. So sorry for your loss – the guard of honour sounds very moving. Condolences to you and Mrs Fitz x


  2. condolences to you and Mrs Fitz


  3. Sorry to hear about your Dad, Linda. My love and thoughts are with you. Jack. X


  4. My condolences to you and your wife.


  5. So sorry to hear this Mr. Fitz!!


  6. Sorry to hear of your loss, but I hope that being in this magnificent country is easing the pain. Loving the packet of Tato!!


  7. Dear Mr & Mrs Fitz, may your father/father in law rest in peace and do take care . . .


  8. So sorry to hear that your wife’s father passed. My condolences.


  9. So sorry to hear of the passing of your FIL. My condolences to you, your wife, and entire family. Its good you enjoyed the beach. xoxo


  10. So sorry to hear your family news x


  11. Many condolences to you and your wife.


  12. Hope ye enjoyed the beach 🙂



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