Pak choi & oyster mushrooms two ways

We are very lucky to have a fantastic oriental supermarket nearby.. Actually I reckon you could call it a hyper market to be honest. It’s pretty big. and seems to be the go2 place for the restaurants as well as the diverse community . You can buy sacks of produce or just a little if you like

It’s cool they have a good cafe in there also cooking up some great dishes..

Not eating there today though. We have leftovers to use !

A pack of pak choi was needed and some very fine fresh oyster mushrooms. I loved looking at all the other varieties of fresh produce they have there , stuff you have never seen and really are unsure what to use it for/in!

Yet I know where I am going for tonites supper..

First a simple dish of udon noodles pak choi and oyster mushroom .. Stir fried in the trusty ( not rusty) uncle bens freebie promotional wok.. I tell you that wok has been with us for over a decade! What a great promo gift huh? Hmm must mail them about that . Add that to the ever growing must mail them about that list.. Hahaha

Ginger garlic and oyster sauce added.. Sizzle sizzle swish swish .. A little butter added . Finish.. Delightful!

Next dish..

Use up the leftover blackbean BBQ lamb.

Following the same pattern . Pak choi oyster mushroom ginger garlic and chilli oil.. Udon noodles and the lamb. A splash of soy sauce. A sprinkle of broth powder and that was it..

You forget (well I do anyways ) just how easy and lovely stir fried food is.

The rice? That wonderful biryani from the Tilda family.. Just to bulk up the meal ..

And for dessert? Cream crackers with butter and super jam . I sent a pic over to my attorney.. he already thinks I’m crackers! mailing back asking if we were out of good in the house!

Great supper , felt full without feeling stuffed ,, like fresh full if that makes sense ! 20140522-071917-26357462.jpg









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  1. That stir fry looks amazing!


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