Potato pakoras

Quick snack these pakoras.. And always amazes me by how many you get for such a little amount of spudulas.. !

As a child these were always a favourite treat.. My grandfather made the best ones EVER! For certain.,

Nice and easy to make.. Simply make a batter with gram flour and water ..adding the spices you like .. I went for pomegranate powder, ajwain seeds, garam masala , chilli, onion powder , garlic salt and possibly some other things. No, there would have been other things! Ahh one if them was a sprinkle of baking powder..

Slice the potatoes and add them to the mix .. Add mrs Middletons oil to the wok and heat it up..

Fry in batches .. don’t drain in paper towels instead pop them onto a cut piece of posh paper bag.. A recycling tip and also keeps them crisp.. dunno why. there must be a science reason . !!

Serve simply with some chola and pretty welsh onions from your garden..(not mine as I am running low!)

Easy snack., satisfying and delicious indeed!

Thanks Todaddy for teaching me them years ago.. I say teach I just watched..





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