BBQ black bean lamb fillet & BBQ zatar flatbreads

Two reasons for this dish ..( which I have to say was a stunner indeed !)

Reason one is for the fiesta friday challenge .. Run by my good pal the novice gardener ..

This challenge is for yeast recipes .. Now I don’t cook with yeast. And was told by the judges that marmite/Vegemite don’t count.. Boo.. Hiss.. Snarl! (Ok mebbe not snarl. ..)

So what do I do? I want to play with my pals. Yet do I have the right outfit?

Well this is my humble offering.. A freaking out of this world tasting flatbread.

Let’s trail back a little though to the take of the lamb.. it’s the fillet actually .. Bought on a special ticket price a while back from waitrose..

Found in the depths if a cold dark place,( the freezer) . It was crying out to be dressed all pretty and cooked to perfection . There was a jar of black bean sauce hanging out in the fridge so I reckoned that they should get together to see if they would hit it off ..

And the seemed to get on quite well indeed. With the addition of some pimped chilli oil and some sugar they were left to have a snuggle up all day..

Back to the bread..

A simple recipe following the bread I made the other day.. This time adding yeast , therefore being able to hang with the current cool kids right? And less salt!

So recipe as follows..

500grms self raising flour . Double dragon brand I line best.. Perhaps it’s in the name?

One yeast packet 7 grams

Tablespoon of baking powder

Just under a tablespoon of Himalayan pink rock salt

500 ml? Carton of natural yoghurt

Pulsed in the processor till turned into what looks like dough to me.. Turned out kneaded a lite and shaped into a ball..

Left to do its thing whilst go to the pub for a couple of pints..

Upon my return it looks like it risen! Yay!

Fire up the weber.. Getting a heat on..

Split up the dough and roll it out to your liking . First time I have done this so no real idea about what my liking is!

Sprinkled with zatar , that lovely mix I think designed with this kind of bread in mind ..

Popped into the bats.. Lid on.. Smoke a cigarette .. Open lid. Flip bread. And on the time I wandered back to the kitchen to pick up the teatowel and plate to wrap and put these beauties on. the bread is cooked .. Two batches later . We have great looking , tasting and smelling bread! Cool beans!


Yeah back to that happy hangout of lamb fillet and black bean sauce.

placed onto the bars if the weber. Lid on.. Another cigarette . Turn the lamb. Again by the time I had wandered off to get the foil and plate ready to rest the lamb if was cooked. So what kinda timings is that? Dunno the lamb could have been pinker. And if I was on a just finished cook show I reckon they would have said it was over . I think that they would be wrong in this case. Very wrong!!

Dressed the store bought bag of salad, Mrs Fitz made a great garlicky chivey yoghurty dressing .

Assembled and snaffled !

Delicious indeed .. This one will be made again for sure.

(So no-so-novice gardener.. Do I make the grade?)











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14 replies

  1. I think you made good friends with the yeast with these delicious-looking flatbreads. 🙂 Good entry to the challenge!


  2. Oh wow! This whole meal looks over the top to me! Love za’atar, so your breads are making my mouth water 🙂 Really like the action shot at the BBQ 😀 Great entry to the challenge!


  3. Yum both the bread and the lamb have my mouth watering!


  4. Oh yah, I think you made the grade. In fact, you’re getting fancy on us, Mr Fitz. Himalayan pink rock salt? Wow! These look awesome. I wouldn’t mind tucking into a couple.


  5. I think you do make the grade! Looks fabulous…

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