Scottish Lorne sausage taste test

My pal Jack and I decided on a good ol fashioned taste test.. This one looking at Scottish sausage.. Jacks home version against an award winning Scottish number that he always brings back with him..

What are we looking for here?

Taste of course! Yet also smell,texture,amount of waste product and anything else we may think of along the way!

So… In the yellow corner.. Introducing a newcomer to the Scottish sausage scene.. He’s leaner, he’s a little spicy.. He’s oatey.. He should pack a meaty punch.. Its JT SAUSAGE..(you could insert any name you like here . I couldn’t really think of one quick enough!)

crowd roars!

And in the purple corner .. Introducing the current title holding heavyweight champion of a particular region of Scotland .. Wemyss Bay He’s a funny colour,(in my view), he’s firm, he’s already proved himself to be amongst the finest contenders.. Itttssss mcCaskies Lorne/sliced.

LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE.. My belly sure is..!

Onto round one the visual test .. For sure there is a difference in colour.. We agree that the current champion must have seen a colouring agent of some sort. And that perhaps the newcomer from the Taylor stale could do with some natural enhancements ..

Round two : ding ding!

The cooking

Both aced under the same hot grill , weighed in at the same weight, there or there abouts..

Big difference in the amount of waste product produced .. The champion ‘sweating’ out far more under the heat if this contest so far.. I think this is due to increased water levels in the 60% Orkney beef trim current champion.. (Although reading his stats shows that this was west of Scotland champion 2001).. Is he past his prime? …

Round three : ding ding!

The smell

No real science to this .. just which smells better! The champion starts off smelling classic.. Obviously from a stable that is capable of turning out many , many contenders each the same again and again, consistently

The newcomer though smells of promise.. A more natural smell. A little more inviting..

Onto the most interesting part if this battle.. The tasting

each contender is now cut up. Not bashed up yet cut up , and they both cut well..

Pretty much equal sizes are created by my engineering backgrounded pal..

And in they go..

Initial thoughts are for he champion .. Yet something is missing. As it cools it becomes different somehow.. Not as slick I reckon.. Jack is still convinced that the champ is winning , perhaps he is right yet there can only be a few points in this contest for sure..

We try to identify various flavours .. The subtle spicing.. The over peppering from the newcomer to the Scottish sausage scene .. The levels of salt.. The water content to provide the Bang!

Talked about lots really . Had to cook another couple of slices so we could carry on.. This time trying them out with the obligatory breakfast condiments of tommy k and the daddies .. And bringing these global players to the table sure makes a difference !

Let’s join this back now at the final result..

The judges have come to their decisions.. The champ certainly packs a punch.. Yet I think with the low meat level 60 %.. It has a touch of the cheap burger to it. Dunno just my opinion and i am allowed that! The newcomer is if a different breed. a more home style product.. Yet once cold is more pleasant eating. If needs to work for sure yet do not dismiss this newcomer to the hardcore world of Lorne sausage..

We are split in opinions , the old champ could do with an overhaul perhaps .. ? The contender needs to put in some more work to move through the ranks.

We are tired and a little full now. Time for a post game drink.. And Me ol’ pal Jack makes some of the best hooch about.. His take on drambuie is spot on. Yet the limoncello has my vote..

Just needs to be kept in the freezer..









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  1. Aw man, reading this has just put me in mood for a lorne sausage, off to shops now…


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