Crispy spit roast hog fritters .. Equals DELICIOUSNESS! 

Having roasted this fantastic local free range antibiotic free piggy.. ( I did a charity do on May Day holiday you see!).. If the rain hadn’t of come down do hard ( hey it’s bank holiday it has to rain right!) it would have been superb.. As it was it went well anyways.. More hotdogs and burgers sold than hog though.. Maybe it frightened some people??!  


I don’t have a shot of it fully roasted up after its 8 hrs cooking..  Yet trust me it rocked!
Inevitably I ended up with some of the meat to take away.. The hounds incredibly happy! They get all the knarly bits and bones you see.. #happyhounds !

So thinking about what to do with them nicely shredded meat..

It’s a batter made up with double dragon flour.. And some lager.. A little Chinese salt and pepper seasoning to flavour.. And cooked off in uncle bens wok..

With a salad these were tremendous!


A squizzle of fresh lemon and a shake shake shake of franks red hot sauce.. 

These were wonderful! 

Mrs Fitz declared that they were superb and made just a bit bigger would make a perfect crispy porky burger type affair.. Hmm must tell my pal over in California @birgerbird she would love them! 

With more delicious spit roast pork left expect a few new ideas! 


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