Vegemitey Cote de boeuf or cowboy steak , I prefer cote de boeuf … 

Call it what you like .. This is cow time ! Prime rib cut big.. Welcome to the cote de boeuf.. 

It’s that cut that is too much for one.. Yet perfect for two with a little left over for a sandwich for Mrs Fitz’s lunch. 

The #vegemite is smeared over the free range prime rib.. It adds an extra depth to the flavour.. We don’t eat marmite and Vegemite yet on beef, man that works! 

It’s then fried off in some freezer foraged anchovy and truffle butter.. 


Placed on a bed of echalion shallots and popped into a hot oven for twenty minutes.. 

Which is perfect time to pour a drink.. And grate some fresh Hungarian horseradish root. Mixing that into some zero fat Greek thick yoghurt for a most lovely condiment! Adding also some rare pepper that Mrs Fitz got me in a selection for my birthday.. 👍

Our third outing of the #jerseyroyal potato.. Simply scrubbed a little and boiled.. The #johnhurdwatercress is simply the best I think you can buy.. It’s wonderful! 

The cote de boeuf is out.. The watercress added to the pan to wilt with the heat of the meat


Carved up and onto a plate.. 


 That is one seriously tasty-toodle-tasty supper right there .. Call it what you will.. 



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