Chicken cacciatora

according to the iPhone’s remarkable spell checker cacciatora should actually finish with an ‘e’ .. hmm or should it like every good rave up back in the day actually ‘start’ with an ‘e’.. Hehehehe.. Ho-hum.. 

Back to this dish.. 

It’s chicken in a sauce of tomato , olive and red wine.. 

Now you could indeed make sauce with the following:

Tomato purée, soffritto of onion, celery, carrots, olive oil and garlic, then green and black olives, red wine, a little sugar, parsley, vegetable stock, Rosemary, porcini mushroom powder and white pepper.. 

Or you could find a jar in the back of one of your kitchen store cupboards already made by the #sacla family!

Taking the breast meat off the hounds supper..

They won’t miss approx 300 grams of prime chicken right? 

It’s simply fried up.. The sauce added with a half the sauce jar of water to loosen it up.. about twenty minutes later .. chef ping has reheated the excellent just crushed up a bit #jerseyroyals. 

 And we are eating.. 


Tasty! Quick store cupboard supper

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