Steak and masala beans

Now this post may twist you up a bit…

You sitting down?

The steak is for Mrs Fitz and the vegetarian option is for moi.. Yup Mr Fitz can also eat vegetarian you know!

I know my pal the novice gardener will be taking a strong tea right now!

Hey it’s fiesta friday though.. So drop a little something extra into your tea..

First the spuds

Baked, pinged, grilled all at the same time on the fancy setting of the oven that I am never too sure how to actually use yet if you keep an eye on it happens quick!

The spuds were skewered and oiled prior to dusting in Mediterranean flower salt..

Cut in half scooped mashed with white pepper, Himalayan salt, butter and pimped mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil.

Spooned back into the skins and popped back into the oven to get themselves together..

The beans?

This was a childhood favourite if mine and makes for a simply wonderful dish.. Great on toast.. With rice, with a roti.. Or like now on double baked spuds..

A chopped shallot and a clove of garlic are fried off with garam masala ( see the name now!) tumeric, coriander, salt, Bristol blend pepper and maybe something else.. It’s up to you ..

When everything is toasted off in a little refined butter. Add the whole can if beans.. A smidge of ketchup to sweeten and let it simmer down..

This dish is a proper stand up and be counted number and it is also my first offering for fiesta friday.. First? Yeah you can keep on bringing . It’s nice to share..

Served atop the spuds with some wild chives. The flower on top as a smile and a nod to my good pal the novice gardener ..

Mrs Fitz’s steak?

A bone in sirloin..

One side dusted with Japanese seasoning the other with powdered veal jus . Seared in a hot pan ..

Served with petit pois, the double baked spuds and grated horse radish..

Delightful supper..

Happy fiesta friday twenty everybody..









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27 replies

  1. This is something our crew onboard should have atleast once a week!!! Thanks for sharing it Mr. Fitz! Happy Fiesta Friday =)


  2. YUM!!! Steak and beans and potatoes. Comfort food is my favorite!


  3. Happy Fiesta Friday, Mr. Frits! Now I call this a real food! The whole thing! 😛


  4. Mr. Fitz? Eating vegetarian? Well you are full of surprises, aren’t you? I am loving your presentation tonight too!! The whole meal looks yummy and I’m so glad that I came to FF on an empty stomach! Awesome!


  5. Well, you are full of surprises Mr Fitz! Not only have you gone veggie (gulp!) but you are decorating with flowers! See what happens when you party with us?!!! I have to say that your beans do look rather fab..So I am curious about both the Japanese seasoning and the veal jus…


  6. Steak, potatoes, and beans? Um, yes please :)! Extra horseradish if you wouldn’t mind. It looks scrumptious!


  7. I am officially hungry! Can you pass the streak, please! Looks delicious!


  8. I need to start making sure I eat lunch before visiting your blog, haha. Your dishes always leave me starving. Great photos! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to stuff my face. Happy Fiesta Friday! 🙂


  9. I love the combination of a vegetarian dish with a non-vegetarian dish by using the same spuds! This looks delicious, and I love the flower on top (although I would have gone for the meat-loving dish). Happy Fiesta Friday, and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


  10. I need my arnold palmer, hard. Spuds and beans for you? With chive blossom on top. Well, well, it’s all too grown up for me. Maybe some grilled sausages on the side would be nice. 🙂


  11. I like your presentation, Mr Fitz 🙂


  12. God that looks good! Loving the use of the chive flower!


  13. Good eatin’ as usual I see!


  14. This meal looks really appetizing, Mr. Fritz! I bet you and Mrs. Fritz enjoyed this. And no, we are not going to take our teas for today. 😀 Happy FF20. 🙂



  1. Fiesta Friday #20 | The Novice Gardener

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