Hot diggidy doggies..

Went off to see butcher Dave today..

Got a bunch of stuff.. Look out for venison burgers.. White pudding.. Classic English breakfast sausages.. Mr Fitz legendary doner style kebob..And hmmm more to come too!

For now let’s focus on the daaags ..

My last attempt at these didn’t go so well.. The boiling bit maybe was a little too high. Dunno..

I have these collagen skins .. Been waiting to think about these.. Ran out of hog right now .. The lamb will appear tomorrow perhaps..

Not sure about the skins.. A proper pain in the butt to use.. You have to tie them in a knot or they unravel( as I learnt the hard way last time.. )..

So .. The mix..

Pork with back fat and bacon trimmings.. Secret seasonings that you can find on the inter web ..


Mix with hands to make smushy..

Spend AGES stuffing and knotting, they look ok right?

Now.. If I could get the smoker up and right then smoking them would be the business.. Although we are expecting storms.. So not happening..

Boiling them at 80 degrees for 40 minutes is what I am told.. Maybe I need to get a hold of my pal jack to finish these off . He is a master of the sous vide..

Yet for now let’s just be happy that they are made.. Trust me these better be good…

Have passed on a few to my pal Steve as he lent me a bottle if wine yesterday..

Let’s see what happens… I am thinking slow cook from cold..

Perhaps oven? Or maybe even a BBQ number.. Any gooey eyed deers?? 20140606-181004-65404005.jpg




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22 replies

  1. Wow, I love posts like this. It is educational. Really, Mr Fitz! 🙂


  2. “Trust me these better be good.” . . . I feel you! One question? Do you have a dishwasher? Now, back to business, please let us know how these turned out I am so impressed and amused that you stuffed your own collagen skins for your very own sausages! We are big sausage fans at our house, my husband loves them and I will eat almost any meat as long as it is ground up. Awesome work here!


  3. Your posts always make me laugh! Great pictures, and happy FF!! 🙂


  4. All of your hard work certainly pays off. Fantastic! 🙂



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