Yoghurty spiced chicken with prudys batatas fritas

Those chickens in the freezer ain’t gonna eat themselves..

defrosted skinned and chopped..

So this bird got a pasting.. A pasting of sheek kebab spices , Greek yoghurt and mrs Middletons pimped Lebanese herbs oil.. Left to get its thing on..

What to go with it?

Well after reading prudys great post on 321 rib cooking.. It just had to be her batatas fritas.. Or home made potato crisps/chips..


Great recipe..

Slice the spuds thin.. Not too thin.. Boil for four minutes exactly in water that has white wine vinegar added.. Why??? I don’t know! Yet thanks to mrs Fitz four minutes was what they got..

Done in two batches then left to dry on a wire rack..

Meanwhile light the coals and when ready ‘Q’ the chicken.. Smelling pretty darn awesome if you ask me..

Heat up the oil.. Prudy says canola.. I used mrs Middletons rapeseed ..

Fry off the spuds in batches.. Season straight off the bat..

These chips are mighty fine.. And with that delicious chuck supper made us smile.. A bit like my breakfast today.

Mr Fitz white pudding and franks.. 20140607-114921-42561641.jpg






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24 replies

  1. The chicken sounds awesome! I’m still afraid of frying, but Prudy’s batatas recipe might just convert me…


  2. Mr Fitz… I just finished making my way through the odds (you know what that’s all about, co-hosting and all…) and I started flipping through the evens…and I see my name… Hahahaha! You made the chips!
    You’re awesome. I’m so glad you liked them!! They’re pretty easy to make, right?
    Thank you so much for sharing them for Fiesta Friday.. you just made my day. 🙂
    Have a lovely week, my friend. ❤

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  3. I always love reading your posts mr fitz, always so inventive! I love the idea of those potato crisps too


  4. Those potatoes look totally weekender!
    I love the sound of ‘pimped’ oil, too… going to try that 🙂
    Happy belated Fiesta Friday.
    Emma x.


  5. Yummy! Happy FF and weekend!


  6. That looks like one delicious meal! Wow!


  7. Very interesting about the vinegar! Definitely going to try that next time. Lovely photos, as always they make me hungry! 😛


  8. Fitz, you’re outta control here with 3 entries! You either need to stop cooking or bring some of these over here right now. I’ll feed you some pork cheeks and you bring the chicken, dogs and peppers. Thanks. No, seriously I am crushing on your blog right now and I hope you never run out of cooking energy and give up your blog. Are you a chef by training or just for fun?


  9. thanks for sharing! happy fiesta friday!


  10. the title in itself confused me!!! looks good though


  11. Love the idea of boiling the potato crisps first. It just has to work. Same principle as thrice cooked chips. I’ll definitely try those.



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