Lamb chops and padrons

Needed a meat fix.. why.. dunno.. just needed it x

Lamb chops marinated in red wine, garlic. Wild thyme and intenso oil..

Bbqued hard.. looks like they are ‘caramalized’ as they say in chef speak.. yet nope.. that’s the wine talking!! Hahah x

With skewered and ‘qued’ padrons.. smothered in salt an oil.. and truly delicious.

With a store bought tortilla.. a good one to be fair

Loads of smoke though.. we woulda been kicked out of a regular place!!

Served with a lemon garlic and sherry vinegar dressing.. sublime..

For dessert? Even on this island we can’t escape the comic relief show.. with a cola (one of my intolerances) ice stick.. and I like it..

Got news about my geese and duck that were kindly dropped off for me at my local pub.. big shame I ain’t there.. yet others are enjoying them by all accounts..

And my attorney is out tonite with his family and my best client.. also with his family.. watching the wrestling.. play fair lads!!

You here tomorrow right? Cool.. speak with ya then x

Nite x

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