Tapas tapas tapas

‎After the last bowls of medicinal chicken soups.. and a fine siesta on the lilo.. We hit the tapas.. decided it was a great way of us chilling out.. taking those lovely small plates of food.. and of course a few drinks.. ‎

All shared our pals Ron & Shirley
What did we have?


Prawns .. not for me!



Hard goats cheese, Mrs Fitz declared this to be delicious indeed..

Fantastic baby pork ribs.. like proper baby ribs x my fave!

These strange pigs ears.. cooked.. and made into a kinda terrine.. I know a Scotsman that would have loved them as well as a Jamaican.. ‎they would have snaffled platefuls!!

And to finish.. a burger.. unfortunately not good… raw!!!!!!!!! Sheesh!!!!

This place has great tapas.. and good rinks at a cracking price.. yet a raw burger? Ooops x


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