Papa Crias hunting.. and vino

‎The hunt is on!!

We got up early.. ready for the hunt.. dressed appropriately in all white.. ahem x

With Mrs Fitz now official the Goonies girl map reader.. long story.. great movie.. we head off to the mountains.. in search of the elusive and exclusive papa crias..

The landscape inland is amazing.. like something straight outta space.. no wonder they filmed part of planet of the apes amongst other things on this volcanic island.. and we passed something being filmed.. dunno what yet it’s gonna look cool.. there was an immaculate old MG and some kind of old motorbike involved..

We passed through the vineyards of lanzarote.. amazing looking things.. pools dug into the volcanic rock.. how they do it only the gods (and I suppose the growers) only know.. x

And finally to Mancha.. to the locals agricultural market.. now all our research has led us to here.. and this is supposed to be almost the time of year.. yet…

Through the pigeonist of spanish.. we talk to the farmers and sellers setting up their stalls.. we came early on purpose.. and what a journey.. a beautiful and sometimes daunting one.. some of the roads.. well if you can call them roads.. definitely not wanting to breakdown out these parts for sure!!

We discover the truth we didn’t want to hear.. no papas crias.. they all laughed and had a telling smile on their faces.. proud though we could tell, that we.. ok (ME!) were wanting to experience this mystical ‘truffle’.. turns out Jan and February are the best months.. not November as we were led to believe.. and if we returned then.. we would be sure to be able to buy some.. let alone hunt for em! X

So.. a little upset.. yet what a journey! I will get them one day!

We bought some local wine off one of them.. a locally grown, and bottled number.. no label to say what it is.. looking forward to a taste..

Must make plans for first week of Feb I reckons.. just for the weekend perhaps.. let’s see

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