Lamb chops and padrons

Needed a meat fix.. why.. dunno.. just needed it x Lamb chops marinated in red wine, garlic. Wild thyme and intenso oil.. Bbqued hard.. looks like they are ‘caramalized’ as they say in chef speak.. yet nope.. that’s the wine… Read More ›

Chicken carcass soup

‎Mrs Fitz ain’t well.. she has a bad cold.. it seems to happen everytime we go on vacation! We have met with pharmacists across the globe! So what better than chicken noodle soup to make her better.. homemade of course….. Read More ›

First supper in lanzarote

‎We arrived… Fantastic flight.. really cannot fault Norwegian ‎airlines.. the most amazing ‘budget’ airline.. get it whilst you can..! Ok.. the car hire.. well thanks to years of NLP training.. various sales coaching techniques.. and a great smile and oozing… Read More ›