First supper in lanzarote

‎We arrived…

Fantastic flight.. really cannot fault Norwegian ‎airlines.. the most amazing ‘budget’ airline.. get it whilst you can..!

Ok.. the car hire.. well thanks to years of NLP training.. various sales coaching techniques.. and a great smile and oozing loveliness.. got the car.. thank the gods as Mrs Fitz woulda lost her life!!

The villa is amazing.. beautiful.. x

We went straight to the store of course and hooked up a heap of provisions.. all the meats we need.. spuds.. salads.. (the best tomatoes ever!).. and snacks.. gotta have snacks..

Hung out in our pool.. while the entrecote was marinating in sherry vinegar.. black pepper (taken from The ‘clown’).. wild oregano, wild thyme and intense olive oil.. oh and some garlic.. beautiful garlic.. and uh-oh.. hold the front page.. this sheet is seer-EEE-oooouuus! X the smell amazing..

‘Q’ued ‘ of course an wow their coals get hot quick.. maybe because we are halfway up a volcano? X

Trying my hand at canarian potatoes also.. handful of sea salt.. boiled water.. didn’t come out the best.. delicious yet not wrinkly.. x tomorrow.. x

And the moho sauces.. both.. and the perfect thang to get the plane ride outta ya..

Supper was superb.. the villa is superb.. we both already chilled.. that’s brilliant!

And dessert?.. a pint in the jacuzzi of course! X

Nite x (while we look at the stars against a red mountain x)

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