Supper before Lanzarote

‎All packed and ready to go.. Ummm.. slight problem.. have mis-placed my current driving licence.. must admit that Mrs Fitz is remarkably cool right now.. we searched high and low..

I had it last week.. and put it in a ‘safe’ place.. ahem.. feck it!! FSB!!! X

So whilst I racked my head, cupboards and dressers.. we had to eat.. a sirloin for Mrs Fitz.. which she did state was a beautiful steak.. cooking under pressure must suit me.. balls..

And fish fingers for me.. both served with crinkle fries.. that marseille seasoning.. Mrs Fitz says it reminds her of something she had as a kid.. a salt and vinegar shaker thing.. ‎ and petit pois.. I remember at Father Fitz’s house when we were first dating that he made Mrs Fitz eat just one pea.. and my princess did it under duress!!

Now she can eat bowls of ’em!! X

And then the drive to the airport hotel.. still reeling and scratching my head over the licence.. FSB STILL!! X

Even walked all the way back to the long stay carpark to double double check.. no good.. bah.. x

So in the suite making tomorrow’s wraps.. got the bread from my Middle east chaps.. a bag of salad.. chicken tikka for Mrs Fitz.. ham for me.. and of course all the usual sundries.. crisps, sausage rolls.. and some candy.. all ready for the plane journey x

Nite nite.. x

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