Lanzarote cockerel marination! And Paps Crias

Got a great Cockerel from the butcher.. with head and feet and everything.. ! Got the butcher to spatch it for me and remove the head and claws.. Mrs Fitz is a keen eater yet.. well you get it.. x

Have had word about the desert truffle indigenous to this island.. El Jable am told is the hot spot.. so map is coming out and an extensive torn piece of paper with those magical words.. “papas crias por favor??” scribbled on.. gonna try at the market tomorrow..

Not it ain’t every day you wake up.. roll over and catch a glimpse of your sparkling pool in the sunlight.. yet this was one of those.. x

Off we set.. out to explore.. well actually to get a sweet white onion to go with the cockerel tonite.. some red canarian potatoes.. a ridge cucumber for the salad.. and some ‘rasta’ peppers..

Whilst out.. met a chap I have not seen for years!! How great to see Ron and his Wife Shirley.. they moved away under duress ages ago.. and there they were taking a walk along the boardwalk!! Cool! Gonna catch them for a drink over the next few days.. am really happy to see them looking happy and healthy.. x

Onto the marinade.. Mrs Fitz grated the larrys (lemons.. old joke x).. with Garlic and ginger..

Smushed together with wild thyme, secret Mr Fitz herb mix smuggled over.. wild oregano.. salt and pepper.. mixed with intenso olive oil.. and butter..

Stuffed under the skin.. slashed up the flesh underneath also.. and it’s in the magic oven ready to go for an early supper.. (update later)..

Also found the butchers my attorney first told me about a few years back.. nice joint.. great meat.. got some great off cuts of brilliant meat.. gotta love reductions! X and looking at the suckling pig.. real young.. milk fed only this one.. white in colour just missing it’s eyes..

Now.. I LOVE suckling pig.. and am lucky enough to have eaten it across the globe.. the best in St Lucia I reckon.. hmm no maybe just outside alicante when they were crucified and coal roasted.. oooh ooh or with my attorney in Tenerife.. hmmm hard one.. well soft yeilding and crunchy gooey fatty juicy porkiness.. actually x

Well.. Mrs Fitz like any good wife told me to put it back for now.. read that again… FOR KNOW!! that gives me a glimmer of hope.. we agreed that I could search a recipe and then come back and get one in a few days.. will it be as cute as that one? Hmm let’s hope so.. maybe cuter still right? X

She wouldn’t let me get the foot long dogs either.. yet I am for sure going back for the seasoned pig rinds before we go home.. they coming back with me for sure x

Cockerel stuffed.. smeared and covered..

Lunch soon.. x

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