Lanzarote sausages for lunch

‎Was time for lunch..

Went for some chorizo style rings.. I like em.. used up the spuds from last night..

Fried the spuds with intenso (I love that word!) olive oil.. some butter.. divine sea salt.. pepper garlic and olives stuffed with pimento.. x

BBQued the rings.. man that charcoal burns quick out here.. need to give the supper nite another thought.. more coals required.. and thanks whoever bagged the charcoals for the piece of metal and the stone.. maybe kept it hotter! X

A salad of ‘rasta’ romano peppers.. ridge cucumber, cheaty leaves.. olive oil (intenso!).. sherry vinegar and salt, pepper and lemon juice..

This is simple eating yet just suits the surroundings.. it’s wonderful!

It all came together beautifully.. and now I need a siesta.. well when in roame huh! X

ZZzzzzz x

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