Chicken carcass soup

‎Mrs Fitz ain’t well.. she has a bad cold.. it seems to happen everytime we go on vacation! We have met with pharmacists across the globe!

So what better than chicken noodle soup to make her better.. homemade of course.. x all those jewish mothers cannot be wrong! X

Got hold of four fresh chicken carcasses from the Roper ‎store.. browned.. slightly

Into the pan, with half a white sweet onion, rasta peppers, black peppercorns, salt, wild thyme, wild oregeno, white wine and chopped strong spanish ham.. sure you could argue for carrots, bay leaves, leeks etc etc etc.. yet I ain’t got none (I do know that is very poor grammar.. yet you understand!!)

Covered with water and lay down by the pool till you can’t stand the most delicious smell wafting through the villa to your nozzle!

Strain the icky bits out.. skim the oil, and scum, not much on this.. about half a can full..

Add the store bought chopped veg.. plus the sweetcorn left over ‎in the fridge..

Bring to a simmer.. finally add the noodles.. wait till plump..

Serve with bruchetta spread with red and green mojo sauces.. ‎I love the way you can buy yesterday bread at a fraction of the price.. all chopped and baked for you.. what a really neat idea!! X

Is this magical penicillin working?.. I reckon so.. Mrs Fitz fell into a deep slumber.. so more soup tomorrow!!

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  1. Looks and sounds delicious. Hope Mrs Fitz is benefiting from it. X

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