Chicken soup is working! And Donal Skehan

The chicken carcass soup is doing its thing.. it is so true you just cannot beat chicken soup from bones, fresh.. it does wonders!

So with Mrs Fitz feeling much better we took to the pool to play paddle ball.. Ummm better buy new paddles.. they don’t work so well in water.. ahem.. mine came flying off!! Blinkin good job nobody was to the side!!

Head clean off I would say!

So another round of soup for lunch.. one more ‘dose’ left in the pan.. afternoon medicine methinks x

We watched Donal (ireland new dreamboat idol chappie..) and apart from what has to be one of the worse haircuts out there.. I mean seriously!!

He made me laugh so much as I recalled a Father Ted epsiode.. if you haven’t seen it.. Google it.. trust me this kid is just like Eoin McLove.. and the nation is going gaga for him!! Haha x

So I twittered him.. and got a great response back.. good on his PR team ay! X

Also marinated some lamb chops.. ready for supper.. red wine.. garlic.. olive oil and wild thyme.. gonna be beautiful x


@DonalSkehan is it just me? or does Donal reminds you of Eoin McLove? .. c’mon to be sure!– 14 No

Donal Skehan@DonalSkehan

@MrFitzcooks ah have a puppy…

07:21 PM – 14 Nov 13

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