El Asturiano.. the best tapas and cold beer

‎I love this about taking the ‘regular’ Friday beer.. yet this is with a difference.. sure the sun helps.. yet wowsers.. this place rocks..like truly rocks..

It’s so so so island people’s it reeks of tradition..‎ and NOT in a smelly way.. the locals are here..as in any bar.. yet there are babe’s in prams.. old and young people passing by.. everyone with a smile.. x

And the tapas.. why do we not have this at home properly..? It’s sublime..

These baby pork ribs are to kill for.. and I guess the baby pig got whacked for it huh?

I am coming here again.. actually it’s our second time.. x

The beer good an cold.. Mrs Fitz happy also.. and the money? Probably cost me more to write and send this..

They have snails too Jack! And a wonderful looking pressed kinda terrine thingy.. and of course all the fishes and things we could only begin to imagine about..

And my new pal.. he thinks the ribs are cool too..

If heaven has a waiting room.. I want it to be like this.. and if I go ‘downstairs’.. let’s hope this is bang in the middle of that elevator..


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  1. My mouth is watering. Just been to the Nags and was offered a very fresh goose, one of the feast you were offered earlier. Not for me but told Mic that you were back this weekend so he is keeping you one. X

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  1. Best of 2013 – November | Cooking with Mr Fitz

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