Spanish Omelette

Ok Jack.. calm down calm down as our scouse friends would say!

A nice omelette from Jack Taylor here..

I also got a mail from the landlord of my pub.. a pal of mine was dropping off two geese and a wild duck he shot today.. he didn’t know I am away.. bugger! X

Wanted to make wild goose and wild duck sausages.. ‎as Christmas gifts.. feck x

Anyhoo.. here’s jacks take on the omelette x..

Well I am pissed off hearing about how beautiful Lanzarote is so I decided to get as close to Spain as possible.

It is a balmy 8 deg here (26 here JT!) in Milton Keynes so with such high temperatures here the only thing missing is the food and a home designed Spanish Omelette seemed to be a good solution

I raided the fridge and found some eggs, a jar of piquant chilli peppers and some HG garlic.

In a cupboard I took a HG onion, a couple of HG potatoes and braved this really hot weather to pick a HG green pepper from the garden.

I boiled the sliced potatoes till almost cooked, chopped the onion, peppers, chillies and garlic. I then fried the onion and peppers in my special Lord Byron’s first pressed olive oil until soft then added the chillies and cooked potatoes and heated through.

I whisked the eggs with the garlic and poured the mixture over the veg in the pan and cooked the omelette till cooked underneath, removed the pan from the heat and put it under a hot grill till cooked on top.

Poured myself a sangria and enjoyed my little part of Spain here in balmy Milton Keynes.


I bet you wish you were here. X (nah.. not right now x)

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