The cockeral got cooked.. x and padrons

‎Well the cockerel got cooked.. happy out as they say.. wa facetimin father whilst cooking.. jezuuos the world has come on strong! X

We went to to the market today also.. and I got THE best bags I seen for a while.. featured in the MOMO Madrid.. actually father they ain’t fakers.. have checked ’em out x

The marinated chicken has been cooked.. the jacuzzi on.. life is sweety pie sweet.. x

We have begun with some charred up padron peppers.. a huu-jeE- oooh (check out my spanish huh! X) family fave..

‘Qued’ up.. intenso olive oil.. and local salt.. does it get better than this? X

We also called by a proper local.. that gave us some tapas with our absolutely perfect ‎cold beers.. you know when the stem is cold on the glass?.. welcome my friends to the most delicious beer ever!! X

Plus they gave us a taste of the white beans and the chorizo.. wicked indeedo.. x

And supper? Going real well.. x

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