Beef pinchos Lanzarote..

‎After my siesta.. and a great one floating about.. x

Not gone for the Cockerel.. gone for beef pichos.. marinated.. in red wine, sherry vinegar, wild thyme , garlic, salt, intenso olive oil and.. I admit it.. a carne shaker.. all natural though! X

Skewered.. with rasta peppers and red onion‎.. left to flex up and down.. all about the reps right?

However. Pause that.. we are a bit meated out right now.. so they got a part cooking.. (blame it on the charcoal), after a conversation with my attorney who is very well versed in ‘Q’ing out here.. he confirmed the weirdness of the coals..

Least I know now! X

So part cooked is cool.. they gonna make a great lunch post market trip.. so for supper? Bread an butter for me.. rye with dairylea (others available yet Mrs Fitz don’t like them).. for Mrs Fitz..

Watching masterchef UK.. jacuzzi shortly.. x

Oh! And woke from siesta recalling the smuggled sausage rolls and pork pie.. threw out the sausage rolls under the watchful eye of Mrs Fitz.. kept the pork pie.. nothing worng with a pie that’s been out for a couple of days then fridge again? Hmmmm let’s see.. x

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  1. Now that’s the life, Mr. Fitz! 🙂


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