Steaks & Chops & Padron peppers

Steak and chops for supper… Yeah!

The chops? Lamb.. Great deal on lamb at the moment in the UK.. I heartily suggest buying it and enjoying it , you could always freeze some too.. Although why not just hook yourself up with something like these?

Beaten with the meat hammer. Shan family seasoning added.. Left to penetrate the meat for a min of two hours..


Cooked with lomo pepper in the hard pan with a lid ontop.. Ontop of the diffuser.. If you don’t yet own one of these you really must ! They are brilliant and use such low energy it’s amazing!



Let them steam and fry away..

Meanwhile get the spuds on.. Now my attorney often talks about his stunning ‘Bombay style roasties’.. And Mrs Fitz decided that’s what we needed ..

So par boiling the spuds..

Now.. I cannot remember what my attorney puts into his tray yet this is what I went for.. Nigella seeds, mango powder, garam masala, dried fenugreek , salt, pepper and chilli flakes..


Draining the Lebanese herbed pimped mrs Middletons oil.. And popping into the top oven.. Having to take them out after 19 minutes as was worried they were going to burn.. So I wiped them and the tray clean.


Putting them back in the oven .. Whilst getting the steak and padrons ready..

The steak has to be course the finest hanger steak.. Cut out fresh for me by my master butcher Ian at Earls Barton. ..


A great butcher is just such a wonderful thing to have!!

And even better is that he is ensuring that there will be future generations of master butchers.. Like Tom here..


Yet the steak??


Sliced and beaten out..


More Shan family seasoning ..


That was left for about an hour..

Then hot iron pan . Two minutes each side..



The red ticket padrons.. Simply fried in the wok .. Sea salt added..



All put together nicely.. Great supper!


(And lots of meat left over too!! )..

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4 replies

  1. I fricking love those peppers. Love love love them. Great by themselves with a heap of beer and a laugh with some old friends 🙂


  2. This looks fantastic! I love the peppers – must try this at home someday when the South Americans are over 🙂


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