No cheese truly non-authentic lasagna..

Sometimes a slice of lasagne with crusty store bought garlic baguette is just what you need for supper.. Particularly as the evenings really are starting to ‘draw-in’..

I quite like making lasagne .. Don’t know why.. This is probably the second time this year we have had it!

And this one is a truly non -authentic number.. I say that before I get the responses of

what no bacon? No wine? No seventeen hours on the lowest heat?

yaddy yaaady yada..

Good beef mince browned off with the trinity of carrot, onion & celery.. Those wonderful Italian herbs from Amsterdam .. Gotta get me some more if them..

Balsamic vinegar and plum tomatoes .. Chicken stock .. And All bubbled down ..

Lasagne sheets at the ready..

It’s all about the layers.. meat mix first.. Then pasta sheets, then white sauce straight out if a jar from the stereotypical Italian puppet family..

Then repeat till complete..

At this stage .. Add NO CHEESE!!

into the oven.. The bread wrapped in parchment and popped in snugly halfway through..

Salad? Nope.. Veggies? Nope..

This is all about Valium inducing soporific Suppertime…

It worked!







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  1. I remember this being a staple of post-rugby match dinner when I was a kid. Big steaming piles of meat and sauce wrapped in pasta was perfect after standing around waiting in vain for the fly-half to pass the ball on a frigid February morning.


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