Rack of lamb = meat & spuds

Rack of lamb… A rare treat .. I have no idea why it costs so much..?

We had a crown of lamb one year for Christmas many moons ago . It was the days before camera phones.. I wish we had a shot of me proudly wearing it!

The Yuletide king of all the lambs!


Picked up three racks on red ticket pricing.. This made them cheaper than that clowns value sandwich meal deal..

I would have cut them into chops and crusted them entirely .. Ala reform club chops.. I still remember with glee when my Father first took me to the reform club.. It was amazing.. And the reform club lamb chops were perfect.. Let alone getting to sit in the chair where around the world in eighty days began.. Hmm perhaps that’s why I like to travel so much? Hmmm

These were cooked simply. Letting the lamb take centre stage.. A simple ‘crust’ put inbetween the chops.. caperberry chopped by Mrs Fitz.. Italian herbs and some red onion and garlic.. Put on the rack above the potatoes..

The potatoes? Me ol’ pal Jack Taylor’s finest., I popped over there and lifted them outta the soil. Washed and par boiled. Into the beef dripping that was smoking hot.. those lamby goodness drippings being added from the meat above.. Perfect bedfellows in this hot bunk bed situation!

The lamb was cooked slightly over.. Yet was still delicious indeed.. Coulda gone pinker.. Perhaps shoulda.. Ahh well .. The sides of pointy cabbage, carrots, French beans and petit pois all dressed in French unsalted butter went well indeed.. The potatoes???

Oh sweet baby lord..

Stunning ..












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9 replies

  1. Mmm absolutely delicious and mouthwatering dish! Love lamp and potatoes! Those wedges looks super good! 🙂
    Have a great week, MrFitz! Cheers, Mila


  2. Happy Fiesta Friday, Mr Fitz! This looks absolutely fabulous. Now that I know that I love lamb, I can honestly say that I would love to have been a part of that beautiful dinner. #love lamb #nowayittasteslikehuman haha! ❤



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