Chinese red pork sausages ? Really?

Yup really..

Imagine the flavours of chinese red pork.. Or spare ribs.. That distinct wonderful flavour that is meat meets flavours of the orient..

Ok.. You got it?


Imagine that in a sausage???? Wowee woo woo!! Cool huh?

Umm yeah!!

Marinate the red ticket pork after taking it off the bones .. Marinate it for three days .. (You can less of course!), to be fair three hours should do it!

Run it through the finest mincer attachment ..

Right now it would be wonderful formed into riblets.. Delicious grilled!

Yet the addition of some dried leek, chilli and a few secret seasonings just lifts this to another dimension!!

All thoroughly mixed up and a splash of wine added..

Hand cranked into lamb casings..

Twisted and hung.. On the cabinets again..

These begged to be tried .. I couldn’t wait.. And I tell you what mes ami..

Wonderful!! More than I expected!!

These have to be made again!!







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28 replies

  1. I’m not surprised that you made these amazing sausages, I am amazed that you got away with hanging them on the cabinet! 🙂


  2. Mr. Fitz, I can only imagine just how wonderful these must be! Brilliant recipe!


  3. you made your OWN sausages???????? WOW you are the modern renaissance man hm??


  4. These look fabulous! Thanks for sharing at FF!


  5. Shared…for our next sausage making venture! I hope that they agree it’s worth a try.


  6. Okay, I have to get into sausage making, that’s it. These look fantastic, truly. I have to do some research on what new kitchen toys I now need.


  7. haha your so naughty still hanging things on the cupboard, oh boy i would be annoyed



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