Mixed chow mein & Chinese sausages

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Was time to cook.. Yay!!

Thanks to the blue dragon family..

I wanted fresh beansprouts yet it appears that the store near us has decided that now it is autumn that people don’t want to eat fresh beansprouts? Humph!! Go figure!!

So canned beansprouts.. They need a good draining in the sieve with reverse osmosis water.. As does the can of bamboo shoots.. The dried mushrooms rehydrated with kettle hot water.. And the noodles hydrated too..


I tried out these one clove garlic thingies.. You end up with lots of garlic!

Ginger peeled and chopped.. We keep this in the freezer .. It makes it very handy ..

Lovely sweet white onion.. Sliced..

All into the uncle bens wok with sunflower oil. .. High heat.. You know the drill.. Then beansprouts added.. Then the noodles.. A huge dash of kikoman soy.. And also that delicious ketjap manjis stuff.. High heat and tossed about.. Frozen peas in at the end..


Then the chinese sausages .. Been keeping these in the freezer .. Defrosted and fried..https://cookingwithmrfitz.com/2014/09/27/chinese-red-pork-sausages-really/



Then all into the bowl..



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41 replies

  1. Oh I will have a look out for Chinese sausages! 🙂


  2. This just looks delicious, Mr Fitz… I love the idea of Chinese sausages…and I say, You can totally count me in!! Great post! ❤

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  3. Sausages and chow mein.Wow!! That’s new to me. I keep chopped ginger and garlic in the freezer too.


  4. I enjoy all kinds of sausages but never had Chinese. They sure look delicious on top of your chow mein 🙂


  5. Ha ha, I have a dish with phallic-looking sausages which I have not published yet – your pictures make it look almost acceptable … 😉


  6. Standard Operating Procedure from Fitz! Looks great, LOVE sausages 🙂


  7. As this week’s host, perusing over the post titles I already knew that the post with the words “chow mein” and “sausage” in the same sentence was by you. We are all most glad that you are returned home to cook for us! Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Those sausages look amazing! Great dish!


  9. This looks just like something you’d get in a Chinese restaurant! Awesome job 🙂


  10. Meaty-noodley goodness. The Fitz is back!! 🙂



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