Forgive me ..

For not posting.. At least for the last couple of days.. The reason is I just haven’t really cooked anything.. We have eaten of course.. Yet it has been all from provisions really.. Mrs Fitz made an excellent lasagna when we first got back.. No stage by stage pictures though.. A really hearty number .. Packed with veggies as well as meat.. Blinking gorgeous !


After speaking in length yesterday with my attorney and his new found love of making biryanis .. Injun food had to be eaten.. Again eating out of provisions meant we had a storecupboard selection..


It really wasn’t that nice unfortunately!! It just lacked that home cooked love..

The bread made up for it though.. ! Although I added just a little too much yeast!!

Two flours in this one.. Chickpea and plain.. Water.. Yeast.. Sugar and salt.. Into the mixer to bind.. Kneaded a little chopped into balls and into the hot press inside a black bag..




Then taken out.. Hmmm slight problemo!!


Still let’s roll!!

Well let’s try pulling and stretching it.. Allowing gravity to assist!! With a small amount if ap flour to help it release from the sideboard! A few slashes to .. Umm I dunno I just thought it may help!

Onto the iron pan..

Just like thirty seconds a side..

It was wonderful!!




Definitely the hight light of the meal!



Normal service will be resumed ..

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5 replies

  1. I would love to sit down to that meal!


  2. you are forgiven Mr. Fitz 🙂 -bread looks great, lasagne looks very nice – and thank heavens for Waitrose eh? generally not home made is just not satisfying..


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