Leftover beef ribs.. Equals chilli!

Leftover beef ribs? Really? Didn’t they just get eaten?

Sometimes the best thing about a meal is knowing you are going to be left with leftovers.. Big beefy leftovers..

In case you missed it, those beef ribs were cooked low and slow in a bath of joy for three hours.. Then left to cool .. smeared with iberico pork fat and crisped in the oven…

That’s what we have as leftovers..

So chilli it is! What better thing could be done than turn this into something pretty darn tasty.. Out of respect off the beast of course..

Simply chopped up the beefy ribs..

Now I know that there are a gazillion chilli recipes out there. this is not about that, it is simply a using up leftovers for an easy supper number..

Chopped up red, yellow and green peppers.. added a can of white kidney beans.. I just prefer them to the red ones.. a softer flavour I think? Maybe that’s just me though? a carton of chopped tomatoes,splash of water. chilli spices and creole spices..

Popped the lot into an oven bag.. I don’t often use them yet this seemed to be a good time.. Tied up and into the oven for an hour of so..

Just enough time for a couple of cold ones.

To go with? Well if was a bit too wet for the roll up in wraps idea I had.. So we agreed to try frying them off ..

Fried.. Placed on ikea brown paper..

Remember it’s the best way to keep things crisp! Dusted with a mix of garlic and onion powders.. And a few pinches of others.

Kept warm on the keep warm setting in the oven.. About 60 degrees real money..

with a splodge of salsa and a cold beer this was a great supper..

I love leftovers… Love them ..

I also think this is a great thing to share with everyone at fiesta 21..

Click on over and check of out..













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10 replies

  1. wow i am going to attempt a diet and that hits every no no but yes yes hehe xx


  2. Mhmm! Those are some tasty leftovers!!


  3. I love leftovers too, I sometimes think it’s the best meal, mixing bits and pieces together 🙂 I love the chips!! Thank you for bringing another winner to the party 🙂



  1. Fiesta Friday #21 | The Novice Gardener

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