Wild garlic and walnut pesto

I have been wondering about wild garlic for a while now..

It’s the season here yet I could just not figure out where this wonderful ‘freebie’ would be hanging out..

I read all about it! And could have gone wandering I suppose out in the woods near us where the bluebells grow..

Although am told that there is some really close to our house! Must remember who told me that.. Ahh perhaps it was Bob.. Hmm must see Bob.. Make a memo!

A mention to my head groundskeeper pal jimmy Connolly .. He works in a ‘proper’ old English estate .. Still privately owned.. He often complains about things like the pruning in the orangery .. I find it funny!

So I mentioned the lack if wild garlic..

Loads if it he says! All over part of the estate ! Sheesh! Should have asked sooner right? He is also the chap that gave me heaps of apple wood chippings for the smoker.. And built the pergola in our garden for us .. A proper handy chap to know! A lovely chap also! Mrs Fitz loves him to bits..

So I open the front door.. And there is a bag of wild garlic.. Great!

What shall I make? Too many options now!

Have decided to try ‘preserve’ some.. So a no dairy pesto is in order..

Walnuts as no pine nuts in the store cupboards..

A dash of mrs Middletons oil.. And one garlic clove to add a little extra hum .

And a bit of fresh parsley from my pal wallys garden too ..

All whizzed up .. I tell you this stuff looks Nd smells wild! Truly wild right??

So that’s some of it used..

Am thinking a vege minestrone also..

Yeah that’s the ticket..

I like wild garlic .. Am pleased to have found a source!

Thanks Jimmy .. Will pop a few pints behind the bar in the local pub for ya x







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3 replies

  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by – and I have to say your pesto looks really good, too. Try the pesto on american fries (they have to be thinner than chips) for extreme comfort food. We have made some tests… Please send this Jimmy, the groundskeeper (do you think he would mind the small balcony?) & the dog over here. N.


    • Gotta love skinny fries.. or shoestring fries.. either way they are great! will go for the pesto atop.. like that thought.. I have a feeling that Jimmy wont pop across the pond.. and .. that dog is our youngest basset hound.. Cora Murley.. her older brother is Mr Wentworth.. thanks the message!


  2. We have TONNES of it in our garden – overrun with the stuff. Have used it for some cooking, a little in salads if you want to keep the vampires away, but hadn’t thought of pesto. Thanks for the idea!


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