Cauliflower fritters

Fritters , pakoras, bhajis, .. What ever you call ’em .. They are good right? My pal the novice gardener always says that whatever and whenever the type or moment .. Fritters are cool .. I simply have to agree!

My mamas father (Twodaddy) used to make THE best ever versions from a kinds of veggies.. Like seriously THE BEST EVER!! And that’s a pic of him.. He was a superb cool.. Like ‘proper’ superb..

As a child they were served on a constant basis .. Frickin delicious!

Made these ones for a mid -afternoon snack .. Why cauliflower? The only veg we had in the top freezer that needed eating!

The batter was a mish mash.. In a good way!

Having taken gram flour , yet adding baking powder for lightness. Did it work? I think so! Not so much crunch though ..

Adding to the flour. Chilli and garlic salt, garlic and onion powders, Lebanese sabzi pollo dried herbs.. Kalwanji seeds. And a decent swizzle of Bristol blend pepper ..

Mixing with water to make a good consistency before plonking in the cauliflower straight from frozen.

Left it a little while whilst ( that looks funny huh? Reads well.. Just looks funny!).. Heating up the Mrs Middletons rapeseed oil..

Using a tablespoon to drop the mix into the hot oil.. Not long before turning a couple of times..

Then they go lovely browny coloured.

Served piping hot with some Sinclairs condiments red pepper ketchup..

Nice afternoon snack for sure.. And I think TwoDaddy would be proud x






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  1. Maybe the crunch was affected ny the water in the frozen cauliflower? Might be worth a try with fresh or defrosted. 😉


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