Cottage pie supper

I don’t know why yet we needed a big food hug..

Sometimes that’s just what’s needed.

Mrs Fitz had been out with the hounds.. A seriously good trompsing…

I spent a short period in the local pub.

So this supper is a game of two halves, Mrs Fitz making the meat mix . Adding carrots , onions, mushrooms and petit pois to the meat and stock..

Also peeling the spuds for us! Cool!

So while the hounds and her are having another run about, I step up to the plate to finish off supper..

Boiled the spuds with bay leaves..

When cooked, drained and chicken powder, milk, butter and Bristol blend pepper added, before mashing and adding fresh parsley..

Then passed the mixture through the ricer.. Don’t often use that yet it does produce a fine mashy!

Piped onto the cooled meat mix.. Breadcrumbs shaken atop..Popped into the oven for around an hour..

Served with Stokes ketchup of course !

A great supper with a good enough amount of leftovers..

(already had some for breakfast!)







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4 replies

  1. That looks so yummy I’m off to the store to buy some mince even though it’s going to be in the 90’s today! More of a salad day than a comfort food day!


  2. What in name of Jehova is chicken powder?


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