Supper in Budapest

After a fine walk taking in all the sights .. And Mrs Fitz ensuring that any chance of the snaffled pork fats would not be able to cause damage by walking it outta me!

Sheesh we walked!

No chance of those ‘harmless’ fats causing me trouble I reckon ..

Plus then the wonderful array of delicious treats and drinks provided at the ( we really would come back again) Corinthia hotel Budapest ..

An easy supper was required..

Now ..

Budapest seems to be land of the gyros .. And of course massive history and cultural wonders..

Yet hey!

Let’s talk food right?

So I managed to persuade Mrs Fitz.. Who was now as equally tired as meself! That tacos would be a gooey eyed deer.. And they were!

Great taco store .. Fresh and clean tasting.. Just what the taco doctor ordered..

It certainly did the trick.. IN GETTING MY APPETITE READY!!

Seeing as this is land of the gyros.. And I am a super fan of good gyros .. It had to be done .. Little did Mrs Fitz notice that I had been scoping the landscape while we walked and already plotted my snack attack on the unsuspecting gyros house ..

The deed was done Mrs Fitz decreeing.. Get it outta ya system then.. ( hoping that don’t happen heh heh )..

I must say it was a good gyros.. I was hoping for something dirtier .. Yet it was good meat .. Fresh salad and a snappy yoghurt sauce.. Delicious and disappointing all in one!! Argh huh !

Least it was done..

Mrs Fitz treated us to a bath of Lush product.. It relaxed us for sure ..

Am writing this sitting sipping a Rose ..

The day after the supper ..

After another mammoth walk today..

Which also involved getting pretty lost and soaked.. The map turned to paper mush.. Mrs Fitz’s jeans were soaked to her knees.. I bought a bargain umbrella .. Still … Soaked !

Off to Robbie Williams in concert in a while..

Catch ya later alligator !






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