Supper in Budapest

After a fine walk taking in all the sights .. And Mrs Fitz ensuring that any chance of the snaffled pork fats would not be able to cause damage by walking it outta me! Sheesh we walked! No chance of… Read More ›

Lanzarote.. Gyros..Kebab

‎We are off to Lanzarote this weekend for a vacation.. just as the weather turns it makes for a great shot of sunshine before getting ready for the hibernation.. My attorney was just out there.. (he IS kinda ‘out there’… Read More ›

Doner kebab

‎Had to do it.. they promised sunshine.. yet we had rain.. sunny now though! Decided post shopping that sausages and Doner was on the cards.. Went and saw my great butcher.. one kilo of mutton with some lamb in for… Read More ›