Sausages, Kebabs and Burgers

Further to me selling all of the Wild Garlic Lebanese pimped up herb oil marinated chicken.. I also used up the rest of my purchases from butcher Dave..

Now let me be clear here .. This is purely a hobby and helps me relax.. Experiment and earn beer money!

Plus people seem very happy with the produce.. So that has to be a good thing.. Right?

So this weeks sausages.. Old dubliner and a new chorizo blend.. With the addition of a good splash of rose wine in the chorizo.. Stuffed into hog casings.. These I think are amongst my finest.. Let’s see what feedback I get.

The kebab .. Well .. That is a firm favourite.. I reckon I really have nailed it.. Two types this time.. One pork and beef for my pal who doesn’t dig lamb.. And a lamb one.. Simply whizzed up in the processor with Mr Fitz secret blend of kebab seasonings. Once whizzed up.. Glooped into loaf tins.. Baked in the tins for half an hour then turned out and baked again for a further thirty minutes..

Then once cooled run through the bacon slicer.. Chopped and vac packed . These can then be cooked by simply boiling till warm or using chef ping ping.. And the best thing? You know that this gyros is good for you!


Venison burgers. The meat from the woburn estate. (Via butcher Dave of course!) Another new blend .. Hand stamped out by meself.. Good therapy that one. Really helps you ponder the tasks ahead.. All packed up also ..

So with two heavy sacks of fantastic , fabulous foodstuffs. Off to the pub. It’s a great English tradition being able to buy stuff in the pub.. Let’s keep it going! Well .. Everything sold .. So that’s great beer tokens for the weekend . Ummm one slight problemo though . We don’t have anything left for us.. I have one pack of beef burgers from last week.. Looks like burgers for supper!

Really need to remember to leave some in the fridge next time.. Hmmm









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5 replies

  1. You do make it look very easy! Great that you sold it all though and hopefully you will remember to keep some back for yourself the next time! Thanks for bringing these to the party!


  2. Wow! This is an amazing hobby and talent, Mr. Fritz! Does it take highest level of patience to make this? Or this is just as easy as eating? 😀



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