Wild garlic and Lebanese herb oil marinated chicken

Quite a long title that!

Yet needed to write it all..

This may be the fond farewell to the wild garlic season .. Mind you it’s raining again today so we might be in luck for a few more days. Let’s see huh?

The wild garlic was once again picked from its secret location by my good pal Jimmy..

And the chicken came from butcher Dave. Good proper legs and a bunch of wings, I skinned them and added the mix.

The mix?

Wild garlic into the processor..

Whizzed up with fantastic pimped up Mrs Middletons Lebanese herb oil .. and some if the pimped up chilli oil as well..

Just to make an almostpaste.. Poured over the chicken and rubbed in.. This smells WONDERFUL! Like seriously good indeed.

Put into vac pac bags.. to keep the marination going..

One slight problemo though.. I sold them all .. We don’t have any. Oops !

Still there will be many happy people!

Let’s hope that the wild garlic stays around a little longer.. Right?





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9 replies

  1. Wow – this does look good! Very, very good indeed! Hope Angie’s got her barbecue going…



  1. Fiesta Friday #15 | The Novice Gardener

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