Steak two ways and chippies

Mrs Fitz loves steak ..

No let me write that again.. Mrs Fitz LOVES steak!

It’s always a good supper in our house yet often requires some cajoling to eat a veg with it!

Managed to get away with adding peas.. Peas at last , peas at last! Hahah

Ribeye for Mrs Fitz, simply cooked as she likes it.. For me?

Chicken fried steak from frying steak.. Beaten out . Dredged in fried chicken flour.. Shallow fried in the wok.. Stunning! Proper stunning indeed, I reckon this is THE best way of eating steak for sure.. Many ( probably most) would disagree , yet I like it. And turning it into smaller pieces creates just the best fried chicken/steak nuggets ever!

The colonel really should think about this one I tell ya!

I reckons it would be a super seller .. Actually scrap that. You need good steak.. And this is good steak. And a great way if making it stretch out..

Served with? Real chips of course.. Big fat crinkly ones. Only twice fried.. Yet twice fried happily.

Steak and chips two ways.. Two ABSOLOUTELY wonderful ways!

( umm you may notice two types in the pictures.. We have had it twice in two days the last one with a brandy mushroom peppercorn sauce. Ahem x)

Happy eating.







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  1. Are you writing a cookery book? You should.


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