Wild garlic and brown crab linguine

A simple yet lovely quick dish.. ( well I don’t actually eat it! Yet am reliably informed by Mrs Fitz that it’s a winner ..

Using brown Cornish crab here.. Supposedly amongst the best crab? Dunno..

With wild garlic once more freshly picked for me by my good pal Jimmy.. This really is coming to the last of it till next year it seems.. So I have some to play with.. (Look out for a great wild garlic chicken number coming soon) ..

Chopped wild garlic, chopped parsley, chopped cherry tomatoes that I squeezed into the bin to remove the excess juice and seeds.. Somewhat satisfying that! Try it! Also chopping a dried Italian chilli removing the seeds.. Deadly numbers these little chaps..


Yet in just the right amount they provide a touch of heat required for this dish .. The recipe? Nah. Ain’t got one . . Just place all into the pan with a glug of good oil..

Boiled the pasta in salty water . 11 minutes for this one. Then added it to the the crab mix.. Ahh wahh Lahhh !

Wold garlic and brown crab linguine..


For lunch?

The last of the shepherds pie of course.. Sheesh..






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