Quick sausage rolls & Classic Egg & Cress sarnies

Ok.. We are all in agreement already that sausage rolls are cool as feck..right? Good..

Here is a real quick number on them..

Store bought pastry.. Rehydrated stuffing.. Mr Fitz old dubliner sausage meat.. And a jar of apple sauce..

Smear stuffing onto pastry . Add sausage meat.. Top with apple sauce..

Roll up.. Brush with egg wash. Sprinkle done kawanji seeds in top ( optional of course!)

Pop into a pre heated oven till golden.. Let cool as long as you can bear.. Snaffle.. Done!!

And a classic sandwich . Egg and cress.. This made lunch for Mrs Fitz..

Boil eggs . Cool and peel.. Chop cress .. Cress is very cool when you think about it and widely not used enough!

Add mayo to the eggs and cress and mush together ..

Plonk onto buttered bread.. Add some grated cheddar . Cut into squares.. Squares? Yeah .. Mrs Fitz don’t like them cut into triangles.. Fair enough!

To accompany this classic sandwich?

Crisps, beetroot, salted cherry tomatoes and a couple of pickles..

Looks neat huh?








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  1. You’re killing me! This all sounds sooo delicious!


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