That loving hug of a shepherd

Ok.. Sure the weather is getting brighter.. And it’s almost time to ditch the coats for the season.. Yet not quite.,

So a knowing hug from a shepherd is called for . A shepherds pie.. Lamb mince seasoned well and cooked down with onion, carrot and celery .

An addition of veal jus as a wetting agent..

Boiled spuds . Mashed with butter and the yolk of the turkey egg.. Salt and Bristol blend pepper .. Cooled a little and placed into a piping bag.. I still haven’t got the hang of this! Just don’t seem to be able to work out the proportions.. Humph!

Piped the spuds onto the cooled mix..

Ended up forking it about. Ahh well .,

Cooked in the oven till golden brown .. Bubbly crispy and smelling great!

This kinda dish makes the kitchen feel like a real homely place.. Cool ..

Served with French beans and petit pois. Buttered of course..

And a dollop of stokes ketchup..


Best thing about a pie like this?


Had a great lunch of another portion today.. Loved it!

I am hoping not to get bored of it.. As there is probably two more servings left .. Nah.. Don’t think I will get bored of it.. It’s a lovely loving hug from a shepherd ..






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4 replies

  1. Had to Google Stokes ketchup. I’d never heard of it. I’ll have to try it. And thanks for making me hungry!


  2. My stomach is growling, at 6.00am! Looks very very good.


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