Burgers and Bangers BBQ

Well the weather has definitely decided to be kind.. The sun is shining.. That just has to mean BBQ!

Still some lamb leftover from the meat carney the other day.. Do that needs using before it turns on me!

Lamb burgers and shepherds pie then. The shepherds pie for another supper ..

To make these lamb burgers all the more tasty this is what went into them..

Fried red onion with grated carrot in roscoff pimped oil .. Mint , Italian mixed herb.. And lots of Bristol blend pepper.. Perhaps some other things too?? Yeah probably!

Left to cool then stamped out the burgers and allowed to set in the fridge..

( you may notice a lack of photos.. I kinda forgot! )

While they were chilling I also put up the lights we have had sitting about waiting to be put up.. They look pretty!

Fired up the weber.. After sourcing some of the gazzilion packets of coals I have still left over from the bulk buy last year.. I knew they were a good buy at the time!

Lamb burgers on.. Just has to be the best way to cook a burger .. Over fire.. Just has to be! It makes for that great charred yet still slightly pinky .. With a mix of crust and soft. Wicked!

Served with some good fries.. Expertly cooked in the oven by Mrs Fitz.. I must say they were exceedingly good fries!

The coals were still hot enough to cook up some of the old dubliner bangers and some of the frenchie Toulouse style .. Had them as a post burger snackette. Still got some left over too.. So that will be a lovely treat at some point.. One of those lovely fridge opening treats.. Hmmm a ‘nigella’ moment!! Haha ha..

So that’s the first BBQ of May.. Completed .. Enjoyed.. Nice..







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3 replies

  1. That’s my kinda BBQ! I love when everyone starts outdoor BBQ-ing.


  2. Delicious fries from the oven Mr Fitz??? How hypocritalicious of you!!! 😉


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