Mr Fitz burgers , Mrs Fitz morrocan wedges

I have to say Mrs Fitz makes wonderful spuds.. Of all kinds. it has to be the fact that she is from the Emerald Isle .. has to be!

Tonites were no exception to this rule.. Parboiled king Edwards , annointed with pimped up Mrs Middletons oil .. this one pimped with morrocan spices.. a stunner indeed.. simply added the spices to the oil and fug-ged-aboutit, drizzled over the spuds and put into a hot oven till crisp.. And the use if the crinkle cutter really helps in getting them crisp..

Seeing as our fridge is kinda bare now.. In fact we only have one pack of Mr Fitz beef burgers left! ( I have taken out a joint of top rump from the freezer for tomorrow ) ooh! Just remembered I have some lamb mince left also.. Hmmm another shepherds pie I reckons!

Anyway I digress. Apologies.

Burgers taste best when cooked on fire I am sure we all agree? So fired up the weber. A waste for 4 burgers? No way batman !

Cooked and ready when the wedges were too.. You gotta love it when a plan comes together!

Served with a ranch dressed salad .. atop of toasted sandwich thins.. Mr Wentworth also took a liking to some kinda green from the garden.. Cool..

Stunning.. Truly stunning.. Fab supper!







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