Lamb chilli for Eurovision (mexican canapés?)

It’s Eurovision.. Yay! Eurovision is great! (If you don’t know it then you must google it).. Basically a guy in a dress with a beard from Austria won by singing a big number.. Cool!

So for Eurovision supper it needs to be summat nice. Mexican canapés … I shall call them that coz me and Mrs Fitz both declared that these would make excellent canapés..

Yet lamb chilli? Why?..

It’s the last of the meat from butcher Dave..

Fried the lamb.. Drained it.

Fried roscoff onions ( they are among the best onions ever!) , with shredded and chopped carrot..

Mixed the two together , adding a secret blend of herbs and spices from both the Colman family and the discovery family.. Ahem..

Water and a can of chopped tomatoes

All bubble bubble toil and trouble .

Then added a can of black eyed beans.. (That’s all we had)..

Left to magic itself together

For the salsa:

Any remaining tomatoes from the fridge, a roscoff onion, a roscoff garlic clove, parsley, mint, coriander, chilli and garlic salt blend, red wine vinegar, citric acid, sugar.. Maybe other things too..

All spliced and diced and mixed together..

Sour cream mixed with garden chives for a topping.

The last of Mrs Fitz wedges fried up..

The lamb chilli and fresh salsa with sour cream was served in those wonderful tortilla shells that we just don’t seem to be able to get over here.. Such a shame as they are perfect for this dish!

A great supper this.. With a good amount of leftovers.. Am thinking of making tortillas perhaps?

Check out the winner of Eurovision though.. Brilliant!










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  1. Looks great! Give the tortillas a go, they are super simple and extremely satisfying. Just the thing for your leftovers.


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