Steak sarnie & doner kebab

‎What to have for supper?

Mrs Fitz wants steak after watching a food show on TV.. I wanna eat more gyros/doner!! (seriously it’s wonderful!) x

Had to go to the store to get a steak.. sirloin.. first store was outta steak.. yet did have pineapples reduced to 30 pence each,!!! So I bought 3.. c’mon for that saving!

Second store had steak.. just two left on the shelf! Umm yet bread reduced to 12 pence a piece! Wow!! So bought a bunch.. it will freeze..

Pan searing hot‎.. steak in.. some garlic and rosemary atop once turned once.. cut up some jarred peppers and some onions.. quick fry in the steak juice pan.. ripped open a baguette.. buttered and pepper & onion mix placed.. steak rested and fired into the bread..

Mrs Fitz very happy.. x

And for me? Nuked meat.. in a baguette.. (see was worth buying them!).. with some itsu table sauce.. nice

Great supper x

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