Lamb chops.. smoked!

You gotta love lamb chops.. when they are small tender and juicy.. charred on the outside and that slightly sweet fatty ‎meat.. yummy yum yums! X

Got 1.5kilos of fresh cut chops from my butcher pal.. washed ’em.. (due to possible small pieces of bone..).. marinated in yoghurt, a little oil, lemon juice and a secret blend of tandoori spices.. (think shan.. ahem)

Drenched the chops in the marinade and left to do their thang..

Decided to weber ‘Q’ them up.. using the last of the 240 coals.. and some hickory fire spice.. hmmm seems to be a problem houston..

Just not getting the heat up.. it ain’t passing 100!! Ain’t got a frickin clue.. a call to my attorney.. we decide that it must be the coals..

So.. slo and low it is.. not ideal for the choppies really.. yet they seem to have come out ok.. ‎missing that distinctive char I was wanting..

Mrs Fitz seemed happy enough with them though.. x

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