Doner kebab, gyros, kebob,fake-away of course!

Ok.. First thing is that this is not actually on a rotisserie so there is no spinning or turning. Which is indeed where the actual name comes from.. (Fun meat fact right there!..)

Yet this is bang on the flavour of that revolving elephant leg.. With you knowing what meat is in it.. Feel free to add mystery meat if you like.. Stoopid quantities of salts , loads of fillers.. Yet not me ta..

This is not lamb either.. It’s pork and beef.. Or should that be beef and pork ( more beef than pork..)..


It’s all whizzed up with the secret seasonings. Sorry yet I really cannot tell you!!


Into a loaf tin..


After 25 minutes turn it out.. (Hmm there is a turn right there so may be it actually is doner/gyros…. ) and cook it for a further thirty minutes..


While that is going on make up a chopped salad.. This one with various bits and pieces..


And now here is a secret worth sharing.. A special kebab sauce..


Take more ketchup than mint sauce.. Add a pinch of chilli.. And a splash of milk.. Bang on kebab sauce!! Seriously!!


Also you gotta have fries.. Fresh ones not oven ones.. If you are going for oven ones.. Don’t bother for this meal!


A Greek yoghurt and parsley and lemon juice sauce too.. Pittas popped in the toaster.. Big fat white ones..

And a onto the table to assemble yerself..


Stunning!! This is fakeaway at its finest!!
And the leftover meat?

Sliced up .


Vac packed ..


Chef ping can deal with them.. One minute on high and by the time the pitta has popped in the toaster you have kebab!! How cool is that?

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  1. My youngest son returned from a teip to Germany craving Doners! I had no idea I could make them so easily! Thank you!!!

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  2. Damn cool, thats how cool it is 👌

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  3. Another winner from Mr. Fitz!! 😀

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  4. Give us a few clues as to the seasoning – and don’t say salt and pepper!!!!!

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  5. Wow – I love kebab! Now we’re talking …

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