14 hour magical mutton /shepherds pie

Fourteen hours? Yup..

Let’s press the play button ..

Still having a mutton vibe i cooked this shoulder down in red wine , seasonings and some star anise , fresh thyme.. Probably more things and cinnamon (scared it may go a little ‘christmassy’. It didn’t! Hong Kong phewey!)..

It was cooked at 100 degrees real money.. For the full 14 hours..



The kitchen was like a Bisto add.. Everyone sniffing the air at the wonderment that was going on.. Seriously homely goodness ..

It cooked lovely!


The bone slid out and handed to the hounds.. The meat shredded and chopped.. I don’t want this to be a frankensteinpullednumber ..

With carrot and celery..


Carrot , celery and dried onion into a pot with chicken stock ..


The meat added.. With some big frozen peas.. The captain wouldn’t have approved of them for sure!


And some whipped potatoes made .. Butter and milk to loosen them..


The magical mutton mix into the dish.. Topped with the potatoes.. Breadcrumbs atop.. Into the oven to do its thing for about thirty minutes..


And enjoyed with gusto!


Seriously good magical mutton ..

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33 replies

  1. Wow, give me a fork! It looks so tender and full of flavour, I am officially now VERY hungry 🙂 What a beautiful dish.

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  2. Wow – big of effort but worth it – check out Jamie Oliver’s version in his Comfort Food book – may be a little more inspiration for you for next time!

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  3. Oh I can imagine how great your house was smelling thet day!!

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  4. It’s only morning in Washington DC where I am reading this, mouth watering, next to a bald bowl of porridge. Did you save me some????? Magical indeed.

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  5. Looks so scrumptious!

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  6. I had to stop by after seeing your post on Fiesta Friday! What a gorgeous shepherd’s pie. That alone earned you a follow, and now I’m off to explore more of your blog. I wish I could have a taste…

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  7. Dear good lord that is a damn fine looking pie 🙌. My mother would be proud 😜

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  8. This shepherds pie looks delicious! I bet it was worth every minute. I like the update of your site.

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  9. 14 hrs? wow i had to type that three times i was in shock but oh boy i bet that tastes real gooooood x

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  10. Wow – 14 hours of torturous smells coming from the kitchen – I think I would have gnawed off my arm midway through! Looks like it was totally worth it and so nice that the hounds had a little treat too. Your mash looks quite lush too! Happy Fiesta Friday, Mr Fitz!

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  11. Definitely looks magical! Would take some kind of spell to keep me from taking it out early with all the wonderful smells that I imagine fill the kitchen

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  12. Well Fitz this is my kind of dish except for the mutton (haha, I don’t care for sheep). But the pie concept is awesome and it looks great with the taterz. Alas, I made seafood this week so I guess we won’t be trying each other’s creations! I must say after wrestling with that fish and to awake to the smell of my kitchen, I can see why you are not fond of fish. Ew.


  13. wow you really did find great mutton 🙂 happy Friday mister Fitz

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  14. This is indeed magical, Mr. Fritz! Happy FF! 🙂

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